January 27, 2021

GLI Ready for the AGM, Set for November 2019

By Alex Charlie.

It has now been officially announced for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting for the Generation Leaders Initiative (GLI), scheduled for November 16th in the capital Lilongwe.

Speaking in an interview with the Generation Times, GLI National Coordinator, Patricia Yasha Manyengo said all is set for the 2019 AGM, as the team assigned to work towards the day are working very hard.

“We have indeed worked hard to make things happen. We are working from zero funding, but we just want to demonstrate that as young leaders we have capacity to make things happen even without funding”, Manyengo said.

She further said it has not been easy to organize the AGM, as they have only relied fund from membership across the country.

Manyengo: All is set for the AGM

“The good thing with GLI, we do not only rely on donors, we have set the spirit within us that we cannot always rely on external hands to support us, rather we have built the youths into the Babylonian spirit of oneness when doing things”, she said.

The AGM which is second for GLI, will be held under the theme “Making things happen” and members will elect new board members to run the organization.

Some of the youths to attend the AGM

Some of the key issues to be tackled during the AGM include issues concerning leadership, Governance, Entrepreneurship just to mention a few.

Apart from taking part in the elections, the AGM will bring together all young people that are paid up members of GLI across the country, to impart with knowledge on how they can deal up with various issues in their respective communities as well as giving them a platform for interaction.

Generation Leaders Initiative is a registered organisation that has members across the country and was established to see an economically advanced and inclusive Malawian Society, where generational leaders and all citizens play a critical role in the development of the nation.