October 1, 2020

Seven New Developments In Nsanje South West Constituency Set To Be Finalized

By Alex Charlie 

Member of Parliament for Nsanje South West Constituency Eurita Mtiza has used Constituency Development Fund (CDF) launch the construction of more than seven new developments in the area at the moment.

Our spot checks in some parts of Nsanje South West wards, indicates that Honorable Eurirta Mtiza is working tirelessly to transform her constituency.

Some of the developments which GT has seen, include; Nsanje district hospital guardian shelter, three boreholes and Chekerere bridge just to mention but a few.

During spot checks young lady  Esther Mpinga at Nsanje District Hospital guardian shelter,  she expressed her joy saying “ the guardian shelter has come at appropriate to provide  guardians with a conducive place as awaiting bay while their patients are being treated in the wards,” Mpinga comes s from Traditional Authority Chimombo in the district.

Mpinga went on to urge her fellow guardians to take responsibility of taking care of the facility.

In another spot check chief Pensulo in his area commended honourable Mtiza for constructing a borehole in his village.

Chief pensuso told GT that his villagers were struggling to get clean water, saying the development has come at an appropriate time

Meanwhile Hon Eurita Mtiza is among members of parliament who is properly utilizing the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to transform Nsanj