January 22, 2021

Travel Documents Scam at Malawi Consulate Office South Africa

Travel Documents Scam at Malawi Consulate Office South Africa

Travel Documents Scam at Malawi Consulate Office South Africa

By Chapatali Ndau

An immigration officer at Malawi consulate office in Johannesburg, South Africa has been named to be reaping off from Malawians in South Africa who seek travel documents in cases where they have lost their passports.

Information reaching the Generation Times indicate that the officer, Julius Chupunga is entangled in travel documents scam where he is issuing travel documents without general receipt for the Malawi Government.

Chupunga is on record to have been receiving R750 an official cost for the processing of the travel document but is not issuing receipts, a move that has worried many concerned Malawians who are tired of seeing the looting and plundering of Malawi resources. 

Our sources have it that chipungu has plundered a lot in the current Covid 19 self-repatriation program the Malawi Embassy has in South Africa where those willing to come back to Malawi are asked to pay R1,500.00 to bus companies as a fare for their travel, while the consular takes care of the diplomatic clearance in order of the buses to travel to Malawi. 

“ Besides not giving receipts to the people who have purchased travel documents at the consular, Chupunga is alleged to have facilitated a smooth deal with the Munoruma to remain with the contract of commuting  Malawians who want to come back home during the Covid 19 lock down period in South Africa, “ said the source.

The source wondered, “the initial companies that were contracted to transport Malawians included Business Logistics Express (South African Company) and Langs Luxury coaches (a Malawian Company) which were dropped without apparent reasons.  Why?”

It is further alleged that Chupunga also sales travel documents to Malawians who were remanded at Lindela camp instead of giving the documents for free.

Chupunga is said to have bought a fleet of cars which some he already sent to Malawi while others are in south Africa all believed to be proceeds from his malpractices at the consular.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that a South African senior diplomat is also involved in a mal-procurement after using a company registered by a senior diplomat in South Africa to secure a contract with the Malawi Embassy to construct brick fences for all the staff houses of the embassy.

Last year several embassies had serious audit queries due to plunder and theft of public resources.