January 22, 2021

Rights Organization calls for Depopulation of Prisons to prevent COVID-19

Rights Organization calls for depopulation of Prisons to prevent CODIV-19

Rights Organization calls for depopulation of Prisons to prevent CODIV-19

BY: Alex Charlie

Center for Human Rights Advice and Assistance (CHREAA), has appealed to the Government of Malawi to consider decongesting Prisons in Malawi to protect prisoners from being infected with COVID-19 despite being already isolated places.   

Executive Director of the Centre, Victor Mhango said the country has close to 14 thousand inmates per prison and for this reason prisoners are likely to be affected with the virus.

Inmates in one of the prisons

‘’As a human rights organization we have decided to provide items that would help the prisons to put some measures in the prisons in order to contribute towards protection of prisoners from the virus’’ Mhango said.

Mhango said, “We have started providing Chlorine and hand soap among other to ensure that prisoners just like any other citizens are protected from COVID-19.”


“We are urging the president to consider pardon prisoners who are serving minor offenses to create more room for other inmates” Mhango said .

The 2019 Prison inspectorate report indicates that Malawi prison population is at 260 percent of the official capacity.

Many civil society organizations have appealed to the government to address the congestion in the country’s prisons amidst the spread of the corona virus.

Some of the CSO’s that have joined CHREAA’s all are Youth Watch Society, Paralegal Resource Center, Southern Africa Litigation Center and Child Rights Advocacy and Paralegal Aid Center.