January 27, 2021

Mtambo quits HRDC

Mtambo quits HRDC

Mtambo quits HRDC

By Mike Gwadani

HRDC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo has announced that he has formed a movement called the Citizens for Transformation, People Power Movement which will pursue an agenda for transformation.

In a statement Mtambo said he has reached his decision after realizing that a platform would be more effective in helping me to directly contribute to the realization of the change which all Malawians aspire he said adding “which  is: a). to rescue Malawi from DPP oppressive rule and b). to have a meaningful, inclusive social, political and economic transformation for all Malawians. Fellow Malawians:”

Commander in Chef of the Movement : Mtambo sitting

“It is with a great sense of humility and a deep conviction that today I hereby announce my immediate resignation from Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) based-civil society activism and advocacy so that I can focus my energies on the Citizens for Transformation (CFT) – People Power Movement. In the same vein, I announce the establishment of the People Power Movement which will be launched soon as we continue the journey of rescuing Malawi from accidental and transactional leaders and spearhead meaningful inclusive socio-economic transformation,” said Mtambo.

He further says CFT is revolution movement and not a political party.

“Fellow Malawians: In arriving at this decision, I have carefully sought the wise counsel of the Lord Almighty and many other change agents in various spheres of society whose counsel I verily believe to be true and correct. I would like to emphasise that the CFT is a revolutionary movement, born out of my love for the country and the need to see Malawi’s total transformation through the people themselves,” Mtambo who is the Commander In Chief of the movement said.

 The CFT is NOT a political party. Once launched, the movement shall serve as a platform for mobilizing Malawians at all levels towards holding our leaders accountable and pressing for economic, political and social transformation through people-centered solution “said Mtambo.