July 2, 2020

Mountain Victory Pentecostal Church Youths Donate To The Elderly

Mountain Victory Pentecostal Church Youths Donate To The Elderly

Mountain Victory Pentecostal Church Youths Donate To The Elderly

By Alex Charlie

Mountain Victory Pentecostal Church youth ministry of Nyamasakha branch, under Nsangwe zone, on Sunday, 24th May, 2020 urged people to take care of the elderly.

The call was made when the youths donated various valuable items to 11 elderly people in Bizeck village, SGVH Mphonde, T/A Ngabu in Chikwawa district.

Beneficiaries of the donations

Among the donated items were mats, matches, cooking oil, flour, tablets of soap and soya pieces.

In his remarks, the coordinator of the group Thomas Maxwell Chimwaza, asked the community members and church community to keep the welfare of the elderly at heart.

“We are urging all religious groups and all community members to be proud of the elderly in their communities,” said Chimwanza.

He went on saying the elderly are the fountain of knowledge and wisdom, for this, both the church and the community should provide maximum care and protection to them so that we continue enjoying guidance, and wisdom from them.

The youth sourced the K50, 000.00 worth of support through youth pledges and contributions from the small piece works and businesses they do.

“We are the youth who are energetic and hence we need to be responsible youths, not only responsible to our lives but also the community and the elderly people,”  Mune Maya, chair for the organizing committee said

In his remarks, Bishop of the church, Bishop Maxwell Chimwaza who is also the coordinator of the group said that what the youth did was in line with the teaching of the church.

“The church is the body of Christ, as such it needs to do what Christ ordered through the scripture. 

”As a church, we encourage our youths and general members to always embrace the spirit of giving not only to fellow church members but to all who are in need of support” said Chimwaza.

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