January 22, 2021

Prophet Bushiri Rules Out his Death Oracle

By Misheck Msukwa

A renown Malawian Prophet of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, Shepherd Bushiri based in South Africa has downplayed prophecy directed to him a week ago by a Zimbabwean prophet, Passion Java based in America.

Speaking during last week’s Sunday live service at ECG Church in South Africa, Bushiri said a motive of the prophecy from Java is just to seek public attention and fame.

“I heard someone trying to prophesy about my death, some attention seekers. Looking for attention and become popular, using some people’s names”, Bushiri said.

“Just for attention, am around am not going to die”, he added.

Bushiri described the prophet as fake, saying the prophet just want to use his name to be famous.

He said it is dangerous to play with the name death on someone.

He then assured his congregation that he will be available during crossover service on 31st December 2019.

Bushiri: Am not going to die.

“It is not right, you do not play with the word death, just to become popular with someone’s name”, Bushiri added.

However, Java stressed that he saw death of prophet Bushiri when he was praying and he outlined that he is now praying to reverse the death of Bushiri.

“I saw great prophet, Shepherd Bushiri dying in the month of December, this year. I saw tragedy, I saw death which brought about confusion in a church, news headlines. Am still praying for prophet Bushiri but I saw him dying”, Java said.

He further said he is now fasting to reverse the death of Bushiri saying many souls will need him (Bushiri) to be saved.

Prophet Bushiri and his wife Mary

Recently, Bushiri was arrested by South African police for fraud and money laundering charges, alongside with her wife Mary Bushiri.

He was later released on bail and the hearing of his trial was adjourned to December 29, 2019 at South African Special Crimes court.