January 18, 2021

Apostle Kawinga warns Chiefs against Corruption

Apostle Kawinga warns Chiefs against Corruption

Apostle Kawinga warns Chiefs against Corruption

By Bright Ndau  

Apostle Clifford Kawinga, the leader of Salvation for all Ministries has appealed to traditional authorities and other leaders to desist from acts that promote corruption and nepotism to instill patriotism and development in their areas.

Speaking at Maula 2, Dimba Village in Chintheche, Nkhatabay District where his ministry had a gospel crusade over the weekend, Apostle Kawinga congratulated Traditional Authority Fukamalaza for being elevated to Traditional Authority and advised him that leadership is from God and leaders must serve to bring glory of God.

Apostle Kawinga Presenting a gift to the TA

“The government has done its part elevating and providing advice to you as government,” he said adding, “us as Salvation for all Ministries we come to provide spiritual blessing and prayers as people of God”

Kawinga told the chief that corruption is evil and retards developments.

“If you are corrupt in your doings you become the source of oppression , less privileges people will be oppressed and this is evil before the eyes of God,” he said adding many leaders who did not please God were removed from their chieftaincy.

Speaking during the same service, Apostle Kawinga also rebuked the recent spate of child defilement that has reached alarming rates in Malawi. He asked the leaders to be exemplary to be of moral upright.

TA Tukamalaza receiving bible from Apostle Kawinga

“Leaders protect children from defilement.” Said Kawinga.

Kawinga said it’s deplorable to see the alarming rate at which old men are sleeping with young girls. “This is demonic and must stop” he said.

Malawi has witness defilement cases rising at alarming rate in the country.

Concluding his advice Apostle kawinga also asked traditional leaders to stop promiscuous and polygamy live styles and live in lives that bring gory to God.

Among the gift presented to the Chief included a bible and several other gifts. At least 1045 people from the same areas were also blessed with a gift of a blanket each.