January 22, 2021

Thindwa Tips Parties on Commissioners nominations

Thindwa Tips Parties on Commissioners nominations

Thindwa Tips Parties on Commissioners nominations

By Our Reports  

Renowned political scientists Earnest Thindwa has urged both the judiciary service committee to rise above personal interest when nominating new Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson.

Speaking in an interview with local media Thindwa said the two entities should not be regarded as immortal.

“The judiciary appointment committee may have some members who are honest and yet some can be bad Apple’s therefore I urge them to treat this issue objectively, “said Thindwa.

He further accused political parties of choosing their representatives to be MEC commissioners based on appeasement policy.

“The attendance of sending someone whom you know is not fit for the position but because you would like to reward them for their loyalty to the party is another factor that is destroying MEC’s credibility”

I therefore urge all political parties to ensure that only those who can be able to deliver are chosen as their representatives at the commission” said Thindwa.

MEC is expected to have a new chairperson after Justice Dr Jane Ansah resigned from the position last month.

While MEC commissioners are expected to be replaced by new commissioners following court ruling and Parliamentary Appointment Committee found them to be incompetent during the May 21,2019 presidential election.

Meanwhile Malawians are expected to go for the polls on June 23,2020 to choose President of the Country after the Supreme Court of Appeal sustained the Constitution Court ruling where it annulled the 2019 Presidential election results citing massive irregularities as one of the reason for the nullification.