October 1, 2020

Suleman calls for Ansah resignation

By our reporter

One of the deponents in presidential election case for MCP president Lazarus Chakwera has urged Malawi Electoral Election (MEC) chairperson Dr Jane Ansah to resign from her position
Speaking during a press briefing held today in Lilongwe IT expert for MCP Daud Suleman accused Ansah of not being patriotic because he children lives in Europe.
Said he
“You take yourself as a wisest person in administering elections. Your children are not in Malawi to face what Malawians are facing. You have nothing to lose because your children have everything while we don’t. Your clinging on to power is questionable.”
He also said the grouping intends to meet Ansah in order to plead with her to resign
Suleman also took aswipe at Malawi’s head of state Peter Mutharika accusing him of setting up a VPN network at State House to hack MEC servers. “
“We are aware of the moves that the ruling party is doing for instance Mutharika ordered telecommunications companies to set up the VPN network at State house to interfere with MEC’s server during results tribulations”said he.
He further alledged that Mutharika has employed Israelites to do the hacking. He also claims Mutharika is forcing minors below 18 years to register at NRB so that they might vote. And that DPP is also confisticating National IDs from villagers so that they must not be allowed to register.