October 26, 2020

President Mutharika Accuses Chakwera Of Fueling violence and Killings

CDEDI urges Tonse administration to adhere to its campaign promises

CDEDI urges Tonse administration to adhere to its campaign promises

By Len Brown and Chapatali Ndau

President Peter Mutharika has accused the president of Malawi Congress party of encouraging the acts of violence in the country targeting members of the Democratic Progressive Party in the Central Region.

Mutharika said the violence campaign is aimed to intimidate DPP members from organizing their people to register for the election.  

Chakwera : The Conductor

“Many innocent supporters of the DPP have had their houses torched and their property destroyed. These people are being turned into refugees in their own country” said Mutharika.

In his national address Mutharika, said “sadly, my heart is broken to note that Dr. Reverend Lazarus Chakwera is encouraging these acts of violence. Reverend Chakwera has ordered some of his followers to catch and kill innocent people who are rumoured to be collecting National IDs.”

President Mutharika Accuses Chakwera Of Fuelling violence and Killings
President Mutharika Accuses Chakwera Of Fuelling violence and Killings

Mutharika has since warned that as government, he will not allow mob justice, politics of violence and lawlessness to be way of doing politics.

Mutharika went on saying, “as a supposed man of God himself, I want to appeal to Reverend Chakwera conscious that we are dealing with God’s people. These people are already distressed with corona virus.”

Mutharika hinted that the people the country is dealing with people who have suffered in the violence and destruction of the past few months and appealed for love among Malawians since every life is precious.

Meanwhile President Mutharika has thanked the Malawi Police Service for 158 people suspected of being involved killing of people suspected of being blood suckers. 

“I am directing the Acting Inspector General of Police to arrest every single person who is involved in violence related to spreading false rumours of blood sucking and political violence,” said Mutharika.  

Many social commentators has described the Mutharika address as a lost opportunity.

“In the current situation it is short of wisdom to be giving speeches that push away the other parties, we except the president to unite the country despite the political difference and move as one front to deal with the social evils that are hunting the country including the fight against COVID -19 other than focusing on mere myths” Said the commentator.

Speaking on condition of anonymity a Lilongwe based Human Rights Activist said the President is being ill advised and does not want him in office.

“I think someone doesn’t want the President to remain in office. The past two week he has been regaining the trust and started to being loved by Malawians, this was no time to start politicking unless he can provide tangible evidence to confirm the allegations”, adding, “Mutharika needed to stick to COVID-19 where he was gaining trust.”