October 1, 2020

My Opinion on Electoral Alliances

Kelvin Sulungwe's opinion on electoral alliances

Kelvin Sulugwe Writes

I watched the interview by Dr Chilima on Times and I have also followed carefully his message during rallies.

kelvin Silugwe

Yesterday I also listened to Hon Eisenhower Mkaka on Zodiak’s Tiwuzeni Zoona . I loved the interview and his composure. To sum it up, YES it is true that MCP is in talks with UTM on a possible electoral alliance.

This is good news. Now we know that UTM and MCP can indeed work together for Malawi and in this alliance we know that the President and the Vice will come from either party based on their agreement.

At this point, it should not be about strength of the party or individual, but future of Malawi. Does MCP subscribe to youth empowerment? Does Dr Lazaras Chakwera agree that it is time for young people to lead Malawi? If MCP does and if Dr Chakwera does, then it is time to show Malawi and let Chilima lead.

Dr Chakwera is 64 years old. In ten years, he will be 74. Surely, he is getting to the tired ages. We will need his wisdom.

This will be safer because:

  1. Dr Chakwera is guaranteed to be Vice President for two terms. We can’t always get what we want, but being the Vice President is very closer to the dream he has chased. And Malawi gets what they want, which is a future where young people are leading.
  2. We will now be able to push for reforms that aim to reduce presidential powers and also protect the vice presidency. This can only happen when a powerful political party controls the position. Dr Chakwera being vice president guarantees this than any other person. Dr Chilima will know that he will still need MCP to continue ruling.

The changes will not just be a guarantee for MCP or UTM alone, but Malawi as a whole.

Chilima is younger and having someone like Dr Chakwera as his vice president is a good thing that he will get the wisdom of the old right from the one who is second in command.

I hate it when you use it, but now I have to borrow what you have all been saying: Doing it for Malawi.

Is it the affairs of the country we wish to push for? Does MCP and Dr Lazaras Chakwera believe in the youth? Can they trust a young person to lead? We will see. Otherwise, its good news for UTM and MCP to move together.