August 15, 2020

LMC calls for an all-inclusive government

Chakwera Calls Malawians To Fast , Pray Over Covid-19 Pandemic

Chakwera Calls Malawians To Fast , Pray Over Covid-19 Pandemic

By Mike Gwadani

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has called on Malawians to join hands and work together in order to transform the country.

President Chakwera

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony held at Malawi Defense Force headquarters Kamuzu Barracks Chakwera said no new Malawi must be built expect which is built by Malawians.

“I challenge all of you citizens to work hard, the time of giving free hand outs and rewarding noise makers and hand clappers who are too lazy to work is past. We have a country to build and not a moment to waste, so let all get to work,” said Chakwera 

 He went to say “Building a new Malawi will have to be a team effort every step of the way, and when we have differences, we will have to listen to each other and accommodate each other, for we have no other compatriots in all the world than each other.”

President Chakwera issues a caution that Malawians should brace for tougher times ahead as his administration will be implementing some reforms aimed at improving their social and economic livelihood.

 “In our quest to heal our fractured nation and governance system over the next five years, we must have courage to face and endure the pain of systematic surgery if we ever want to enjoy wholeness as a nation” he said

He further pledged to among other things meet with the leader of opposition every months, declare his assets per annum, go to parliament where he shall be questioned by the people about his handling of state affairs and operationalize the Access to Information Act in order to end the era of government secrecy and usher in the dawn of government accountability.

Chakwera also urged the judicially to do more to root corruption and selective justice which he says has “shipwrecked” too many lower courts and called on Parliament to be acting professionally when discharging its duties.