November 27, 2020


21 Netted For Torching Malomo Police Unit

21 Netted For Torching Malomo Police Unit

By Our Reporter

Unknown person who was suspected to be blood sucker has been killed and dumped in a maize field at Mbingwa Police Unit in Mponera, Dowa District.

On March 28, 2020 some residents from Mbingwa surrounding area brought in unknown man in his twentieth (now deceased) on suspicion that he was a blood sucker.

Despite being advised to lock him up in custody by the community, the police was not convinced with the decision.

Later, both the suspect and the villagers returned. After some time, police received information alleging that the suspect had escaped from their custody.

The following day the suspect was found lying dead in a Maize Field at the Police Unit.

A postmortem conducted by a Clinical officer at Mbingwa Health Centre revealed that death was caused due suffocation secondary to strangulation.

Meanwhile police in Mponela, Dowa have launched investigations into the death of unknown person who was damped in a Maize Field at Mbingwa Police Unit.

The police are appealing to all people to treat all issues surrounding to blood sucking as a myth.

If any person is suspected or connected to any criminal activities, members of the general public are encouraged to report such cases to police for necessary action.

Currently the dead body is lying at Mtengowanthenga Mission Hospital pending for identification.