October 1, 2020

Mob kills ex-convict in Mulanje

Mob kills ex-convict in Mulanje

By our reporter

Angry mob in Mulanje district has killed a 35-year-old man, Wyson Kuthawe two days after he was released from Chichiri Prison and serving a 12 years imprisonment for robbery.

According to Mulanje Police Station public Relations Officer Sub Inspector Gresham Ngwira the ex convict  met his fate in the wee hours of Wednesday at Thanguzi Bridge within Wasi Village.

“The reporter, Willy John, told the police that he was cycling to Mozambique in the company of his friend when they got to the said bridge.

“They were immediately ambushed by Kuthawe and another suspect only identified as Matimati,” said Ngwira.

He said the thugs beat them up with rods and panga knives but they relentlessly fought back, leading to the thugs’ escape.

“Later, some passersby found the victims in pain and when asked the two explained their ordeal. The team then searched for the criminals and found Kuthawe hiding  within a bamboo field .They pulled him out of his hideout and severely assaulted him,” he said.

Ngwira further says Police came to the scene and found Kuthawe already dead.

“Postmortem done at Mulanje District Hospital established that he died of severe loss of blood secondary to severe head injuries,” said Ngwira.

He has since condemned Police the people in the district for taking the law into their hands.

“The act of taking the law into one’s hands as it is criminal. People are rather advised to take suspects to police not to execute mob justice’said he.

Kuthawe hailed from Sembezi village, Senior Chief Mabuka in Mulanje District.

file photo of mob justice