July 7, 2020

Man Arrested For Sodomy

Man Arrested For Sodomy

Man Arrested For Sodomy

By Mike Gwadani

A 43-year old man is in police custody at Chiradzulu Police Station for allegedly sodomizing a 6-year-old boy.

Man Arrested For Sodomy

According to Chiradzuro Police Public Relations Officer Yohane Tasowana the suspect has been identified as Jimmy Chimkoko of Halala Village in the area of Sub Traditional Authority Mpunga in Chiradzulu.

Said he.

“The suspect is alleged to have dragged the boy to his house where he sodomised the victim on Sunday April 26 2020.

After the act, it is alleged that the suspect gave the boy K100 bank note as a token of appreciation for the act.

He further says the boy later reported the matter to his mother who in turn reported to police leading to the arrest of the suspect.

“Medical examination conducted proved that penetration to the anus of the boy indeed took place occurred as the boy sustained cuts to his anus” said he.

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