August 15, 2020

Kalilrani and Chingwalungwalu may face espionage

Kalilrani and Chingwalungwalu may face espionage

Kalilrani and Chingwalungwalu may face espionage

By Chapatali Ndau

The arrested National Intelligence Services Director General Kenam Kalilani and Former State House ICT specialist Chance Chingwalungwalu may face espionage charges according to highly placed source that have confided with The Generation Times .

Kalirani and Chingwalungwalu according to the source, have been arrested for planting spying gadgets in selected rooms in state residences both in Lilongwe and Blantyre.

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It is alleged that the two conniving with some former statehouse key personnel planted gadgets that enabled them listen to conversations the former president had with various dignitaries without his consent.
“It is unacceptable to tap or listen to surreptitious conversation the President has with any other without his authorization. This is a serious offence,” said the source.

The source went on to allege that the Control Centre of the gadgets was set and planted at a lodge of one of the key staff of the former head of state.
“In the likely hood of successful prosecution of these two, they are likely be charged with cases that are related to espionage and treason. We believe that these planted machines were planted also to be used to be spying on the conversation the incumbent president would be having with his dignitaries and key people in his administration,” said the source .

It is alleged that the control centre at one of the lodges in Mangochi District was stormed by Malawi Police Service Officers and the alleged gadgets at the control facility were found and linked to the gadgets that were planted in the state residences.

The two may face treason and espionage changes for spying on the presidency.