October 26, 2020

DPP accuses Chakwera of misleading Malawians about theft of K1 trillion

DPP accuses Chakwera of misleading Malawians about theft of K1 trillion

DPP accuses Chakwera of misleading Malawians about theft of K1 trillion

By Mike Gwadani

Main opposition Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) has accused President Lazarus Chakwera of trying to divert people’s attention on the blunders committed by his administration by accusing DPP of mismanaging MK 1 trillion.

Speaking during a Press briefing held in Lilongwe DPP Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa said Chakwera’s speech gave him an impression that the president may not be well conversant with the financial operations of government.

Said he.
“President Chakwera must be informed that if an economy, as small as ours,was robbed of that sum of money,his administration would not have found any Penny in the government coffers”

Nankhumwa further described Chakwera address as a”desperate attempt to mislead the nation on matters of the management of the economy, obviously taking advantage of people’s ignorance on the same”.He said the report from the Auditor General does not say that the DPP stole government money.

“It is clear that there is no mention of DPP stealing money anywhere.
As a leader of opposition I suspect President Chakwera made such serious and unsubstantiated allegations for the following reasons.

He wants to arrest more people, more especially those from DPP on these baseless allegations, he wants to divert people’s attention from the blunders of the appointment of cabinet where we have seen nepotism of the highest order and wants people to lose focus on the unrealistic promises his party made during the campaign period” said he.

In a related development United Democratic Front President Atupele Muluzi has challenged the Tonse Alliance administration to arrest the people behind the theft of MK 1 trillion as alleged by President Chakwera recently.

“Whilst I commend him for his stance against Corruption however we need full disclosure and evidence by the President as how he was informed of such alarmingly high figure.

” Considering the annual budget of Malawi hovering around the same figure and considering that Malawi is on IMF/World Bank program this needs to be further explained. Following the discovery of Cash gate theft during President Joyce Banda administration we had anticipated that we had sufficient checks and balances in place to have detected the plunder of such large sums”reads the post.