January 27, 2021

CCAP Pastor Apologetic over derogatory remarks

CCAP Pastor Apologies to over derogatory remarks

By Mike Gwadani

In a twist of events CCAP Pastor Stanley  Chimesya has  apologised to presidential Secretary Mgeme Kalilani for accusing him of giving misleading advise to President Peter Mutharika.

Recently soon after Kalilani on behalf of President Mutharika had delivered a statement on Mutharika’s stand in as far as assenting to the four controversial electoral bills Chimesya took to the social media and posted a voice note that condemned Kalilani.


However in a twist of events a recorded conversation is now circulating on social media where the Pastor is heard apologising to  Kalilani.

“As a person I have called you to apologize  for that voice note I must inform you that I was misled by office gossip and that whenI got home and listened to a re broadcast of the press briefing, I realized that  I was misled and therefore need to apologize and I  promise never to comment on such issues again “said Chamesya.

On his part Kalilani commended Chimesya for admitting his error and urged the Pastor to be verifying social media stories first before  commenting on them.

“Its good that you have learnt on your own before my response. What’s important is that even though social media gives us an opportunity to quickly access news we should verify before commenting and what we need is to love one another and you being a Pastor you should know better so I thank you for admitting your mistake” said Kalirani.