January 22, 2021


By: Alex Charlie (staff reporter)

Following the replacement of Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander General Vincent Nundwe with Major General Andrew Lapken Namathanga as commander of MDF, department of Malawi police service on 18 March 2020 released immediate transfers for some senior officers across the country.

According to the report we have seen, indicates that many senior police officers are on immediate transfers.

APM made the recent changes at MDF

While commenting on the matter social commentator Sheriff Kaisi said the transfers might be a normal procedure but due to the time in which Malawians are going through can be construed to be politically charged.

”It’s normal for police officers to be transferred once they have fulfilled their three years of service at a particular station due to security reasons Kaisi said.

According to the Malawi national Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera the transfers is normal.

“Every police officer is aware that he or she can be transferred at any time to any place it is normal in Malawi Police Service” Kadadzera said.

However kadadzera , disputed statements being made that the transfers are politically motivated.