July 9, 2020

CSOs Commend Mutharika In Fight Against COVID – 19

CSOs Commend Mutharika In Fight Against COVID - 19

CSOs Commend Mutharika In Fight Against COVID - 19

By Fra Konyani

Malawi Watch and other Civil Society leaders have commended Professor Arthur Peter Munthalika for recent inclusion of other stakeholders in a Presidential Task Force on Covid-19.

The Billy Banda, acknowledge APM as a leader who forge in a crisis.

Billy Banda

“Real leaders are forged in a crisis, we like to express our gratitude to His Excellence Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for emerging a great leader. This has been shown when he swiftly incorporated other stakeholders in a fight against Covid 19 pandemic,” said Banda

Banda further said that the president directive to Malawi Enterprises Development Fund (MADEF) to give out loans to 172, 000 household will ease the economic activities in their homes during the crisis.

“We are in crisis that we have never experienced before. The President has demonstrated commitment and it is not strange that Malawi has the best implemented robust preventative measures which have seen the country with minimum infection in Africa,” added Banda.

Banda is appreciating on how the president managed to cushioned the economic activities of 172, 000 households.

However, the CSO leader is urging all Malawians to join hands with APM in fight against the spread of the covid-19 regardless of their political affiliation.

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