January 22, 2021

Bushiri Calls The faithful to Remain Faithful To God

Bushiri Announces K50 Million Community-Driven COVID-19 Response In Malawio Remain Faithful To God

Bushiri Announces K50 Million Community-Driven COVID-19 Response In Malawi

By Our Reporter

A renown South African based Malawian Prophet,  Shepherd Bishiri, head of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has called of all faithful individuals to continue being faithful to God by meeting their biblical obligations despite of the distance where they are.

In a televised message, Bushiri called on all the faithful to continue paying their tithe, offerings and seed through transfers to the Church account since the COVID-19 prohibits gatherings of more than 100 people.

Bushiri popularly known as major 1

“Don’t listen to what others are saying, listen to what God is saying” he said.  

ECG South Africa was among the first churches to announce the suspension of its gatherings, following which the leadership of the church made a bold statement to all ECG branches in the 25 countries where they operate to adhere to respective set government guidelines in response to COVID-19. 

“You see, in the wake of COVID-19 epidemic and governments restricting huge gatherings, most churches, across the world, suspended their physical attendances for services and resorted to online,” said the ECG on its online publication.

ECG said in this digital age, going online is only an epochal innovation to prayer, a statement that, against all odds, humans are a religious lot and no pandemic can take away their relationship with God.

“In fact, in going online, nothing about the organization of the church has changed; it’s only the medium of reach which has changed—the church still remains an organization, supported by its members, followers and well-wishers to stand and function on its own.” said ECG on its page.

The page went on saying, “every church, as an organization, has recurring costs—salaries, bills, etc—that are supposed to be met for it to function effectively. These costs, in every church, are met by contributions from willing members, followers and well-wishers voluntarily. We all know that, every church does that and, even with COVID-19, they are doing that—it’s nothing unusual.”

Many other church institutions and corporate individuals have opted to using televised messaging and other digital information sharing platforms to bypass the limitations that have been introduced to minimize infections of COVID-19.