August 15, 2020

TUM Members Demanding Access To Financial Reports, Suspect plunder

TUM Members Demanding Access To Financial Reports, Suspect plunder

TUM Members Demanding Access To Financial Reports, Suspect plunder

By Mike Gwadani

Controversy over use of money that Teachers Union of Malawi(TUM) collects from Teachers is refusing to die as some concerned Teachers  has threatened  to report TUM to  the Anti-Corruption Bureau if it does not comply with their call for  to be giving them financial reports.

Recently Some concerned Teachers have been expressing their concern over lack of transparency from TUM on how it uses the 500 Kwacha monthly cut it gets from all government teachers.

According to a leaked conversation purportedly from some teachers forums that TUM deductions lack financial report to them despite collecting huge amounts.

 However in his post on the teachers what’s up forum TUM Ntcheu District Chairperson Joseph Chafetera said the Union is mandated by government to provide audited financial reports to the Ministry of Education on any penny collected on it’s behalf.

“Remember that TUM subscription are deducted by government and it has an obligation to protect those hard earned money from its citizenry from any form of abuse from these trade unions,” said he.

 However this has fuelled the controversy towards the saga as more teachers have responded that they do not agree with the Union’s explanation as a result teachers has taken to their campaign to the Social Media under the banner of  #TUM MUST FALL CAMPAIGN(Know TUM monthly deductions on teachers) have joined the crusade and are demanding that TUM must explain on how they are “miss appropriating teachers hard earn money accusing TUM of milking an already thin cow”.

Reads one comment from a Ntcheu based teacher

“It makes no sense at all for TUM to present a financial report to government. The K500s are not for government, they are our money and government cannot get the report on our behalf.

” it is the teachers who are the rightful consumers of the financial reports from TUM, teachers has the necessary interest to scrutinize those reports and give guidance it is the teachers who should always be consulted on what TUM intends to do with our contributions the financial report should be made available to teachers” it reads.

It further say teachers need to know how the money is used by TUM as a matter of urgency.

Reads part of the post.

“Do not belittle our K500s.its our money and it has to be accounted to us who do the contributions. There are no two ways about this, tell us how you chop our contributions and for what with supporting documents”

Meanwhile both the TUM and the Ministry of Education is yet to publicly comment on the issue