November 27, 2020

Government Decision To Open Schools Early September Very Unrealistic

Class at Ngangala primary school in Mulanje

Class at Ngangala primary school in Mulanje

An opinion By Phillip Kamangirah

Having made an unexpected turn on draconian Covid Laws as announced by the Attorney General Dr. Chikuswe Silungwe, a few days later, the President has decided to make another mistake before solving the first ones. My interest is on the proposal made by the President that schools must be opened by early September, 2020.

Mr. President, every parent would wish to have seen their children back to school, but wait a minute, the dilemma out here is are we really serious that our children must go back to school amidst growing cases of Covid 19?

Students at Ngala Primary school in Mulanje

Are you aware that our schools are already congested? Are we mindful as a country that even teacher- pupil ratio is very bad? How best are we going to handle this assuming most children get infected by the pandemic? How safe are our teachers in mitigating the impact of the pandemic?

Are our hospitals ready to accommodate the Mass in the case that the pandemic escalates?

Mr. President be informed that barely two weeks of opening schools in United States of America, about 97, 000 students were infected.

Are you aware that school were opened and closed in South Africa? In Israel, the pandemic escalated supersonically soon after schools were opened.


In Tanzania Mr. President  schools are opened but no media house is allowed to cover anything related to Covid 19. Will the scenario be different in Malawi?

How safe are our teachers Mr. President? What about our children? We may be able to isolate these children in class, but what about in hostels? For instance an entrepreneurship class at Luanar covers over 800 students, what will happen?

If  our medical personnel are already struggling in the fight with the present cases, will they able to handle an extra thousands cases?

Mr. President, I feel this decision was not properly thought about. Whoever  is pressuring you Sir, is making you leaving the path of logic. If some advisors are the ones directing you in making such unrealistic decisions, you better fire them now before they completely finish you.

In conclusion, it would be proper if you took sometime after meeting Private School Owners to make such a determination. The decisions of the Private School Owners do not ride over the 17 million people.

Beyond the opening of schools have you thought also about musicians who get their meals because they had music shows? How about the football players who only put better their bread because they had a game?