October 1, 2020

Ntchisi Police In A Drive To End Blood Sucking Rumours

Ntchisi Police In A Drive To End Blood Sucking Rumours

Ntchisi Police In A Drive To End Blood Sucking Rumours

By Our Reporter

In a move to stop people from taking the law into their own hands over blood sucking rumours, Ntchisi Police Station organized an interface meeting with local authorities.

The interface meeting that was held at Ntchisi community development hall was conducted on Saturday 4 April, 2020.

In his address the station officer, senior superintendent Billy Chimbonga said he called all the authorities and stakeholders to take the message of blood sucking rumours to their subjects.

“Let’s end this rumour of blood sucking and, take the message to your subjects to stop taking the law into your their hands. We end up killing innocent people and destroying our own properties that could have helped us in future,” he said.

He further reminded them that one of the key responsibilities of the authorities is to bring order in their areas.

Speaking at the same function Member of Parliament for Ntchisi South constituency Ulemu Chilwapondwa promised to take the message to his constituents so that these blood sucking rumours should stop.

MP Ulemu Chilwapondwa

“It is very unfortunate that these have been all lies and innocent have been victimised in these accusation,” said Chilwapondwa.

Chilwapondwa further said its high time that people should know that bloodsucking is all false.

“ It is unpractical that someone can just come without medical procedures to have blood from an individual. These are mere assertions and speculations and must stop”, charge Chilwapondwa.

Agreeing with the (MP), one of the traditional leaders, Senior Chief Kasakula told the gathering that they will sit down with chiefs on the blood sucking rumors and end the mob justice.

A representative from Ntchisi district hospital, Dr. Yohane Mwale said so far Ntchisi District Hospital has not registered any victim of blood sucking.

In her closing remarks, Ntchisi district council chairperson, Grace Chioza thanked the authorities for attending the meeting, as this will bring sanity in the district.