January 18, 2021




Opinion By Bright Ndau

For those who follow tax evasion matters the name Chandrashekar More is not strange. It sets a very good example of Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) fighting tax evasion in the country. 

For starters Mr More in 2017 was accused by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) of evading tax amounting to K8m. MRA wanted to subject him to the due justice system , and effected a warrant of arrest.


While being arrested Mr. More was disrespectful to the police officers who were arresting him and he called them “plebeians”. Additionally Mr. More is on record to have insulted the judge who was handling his tax evasion case. This arrogance is unacceptable and the government was good to take tough stance against him for undermining our law enforcers and judicial system.  

When he jumped bail and deported back to India, in order to squeeze the balls of Malawi government and in order to twist the arm of government he planned to:

1.         File a public interest litigation application in the Indian Supreme Court to STOP ALL INVESTIMENTS TO MALAWI being routed through EXIM Bank which is actually squandering of Indian tax payers money.

2.         File a public interest litigation application through the industries body in the Indian Supreme Court to STOP LINES OF CREDIT TO MALAWI. He acknowledge the line of accredit is help building Malawi and his intention was to see Malawians affected in multiple ways.

3.         File a public interest litigation application to STOP ALL IMPORTS OF NANDOLO FROM MALAWI TO INDIA. He right say this would affect a lot of farmers national wide.

The Puzzle

What was the purpose of Mr. More coming to Malawi? How did he came to Malawi? What was the category of his permit and how was it grated?  These question may help to understand Mr. More much better. If he came as an investor, how was his permit approved? What did he showcase as a proof of his worthy to become an investor in Malawi?

His actions when he went back to India leaves a lot to be desire and not mean well to Malawians and makes him a “persona non grata”.

Agreeing with the sentiments by HRDC in their latest press statement, More would be one example of shrewd “investors” who come with nothing and make money right in Malawi. This would be confirmed by tax evasion that he was charged with in the Malawi justice system. And then he jumped the bail, raising more questions. Typical of scammer and syndicate “investor”

Chandrashekar More claims he invested millions of dollars. Is there any empirical evidence how was that money accumulated and he may need evidence of a tax authority of any country confirming he had that sort of money.

In the letter he wrote to Malawi High Commission in India in 2019, he claims to have bought a multimillion dollar machinery for the investment he did in Malawi. Fearing that may be the government gave a business permit to a scrupulous person let him show where he acquired the machinery and the availability of the machinery.

Otherwise Mr. More may be another sham and a crap which may be undesirable person in Malawi.